Business Services

Business Services

You’ve been in business for a while now and you want to grow to the next level Are you considering employing staff for the first time, wanting to extend your premises, or maybe you have an opportunity to expand further afield or even overseas? But how do you fund these activities without losing too much of your bottom-line?


You could be in the early stages of starting a business and struggling to get any traction or you could be in the opposite situation where it’s growing so quickly that you seem to have no time for yourself or your family?


Maybe you have a gem of an idea or a hobby which you think has the potential to develop into an income-generating business but don’t know where to start or how to make it happen?


Or is it time to move on and you are unsure of your succession options or how to be sale-ready?


Our team of Business Advisors and specialist partners are highly skilled and have first-hand business experience. They are equipped to provide general business advice and support for owners at all stages of the business life-cycle. Many of our team have started, owned and operated, and sold businesses themselves, some of us continue to run our own businesses – once the bug has a hold, it’s very hard to let go!


Explore our subsidised business services and find out how we can help you with your business…