Owners may decide to sell for many reasons, they may also enter into some form of succession ownership or simply close their businesses. We work with owners to simplify the process and provide any support they may need.

Businesses typically go through a life-cycle; experiencing significant growth in the early years and then plateau usually around the 5-10 year mark. Our focus is on maximising the financial returns to you and assisting you to achieve your personal goals.

This could involve:

  • Development of a Succession Plan
  • Grooming the business for sale, both financially and operationally
  • Development of a Business Prospectus ready for sale
  • Establishment of a Timeline and Action Plan
  • Providing guidance around your personal Vision for the future.

Our team of Business Advisors are highly skilled & have first-hand business experience delivering a subsidised low-cost service to thousands of businesses throughout the Southern Region of NSW & into the ACT.