Waste Management

Waste Management

The Bin Trim program is here to provide free help and support to NSW businesses to maximise their recycling and minimise their waste to landfill and may also help save time and money, while caring for the environment.


Enterprise Plus Centre offers local businesses a free waste audit, report and review.


The offer comes via a program called the Bin Trim program which is underpinned by the NSW Government for businesses with fewer than 400 employees.

How does this Bin Trim program work?

  • Companies register to join the Bin Trim program
  • A specialist waste materials assessor visits the company premises and carries out a waste audit
  • The results of this audit are used to prepare a report for the business owner/manager with recommended actions to benefit the company in its waste management process
  • The specialist Enterprise Plus assessor then discusses the report with the company owner/management as to the usefulness of the recommendations
  • These recommendations can be implemented – but there is no obligation here
  • Following these steps Enterprise Plus assessor returns to see about the results achieved and undertakes a second review and prepares a second report for the company owner/manager


Why do this?

  1. Potentially there are reduced waste costs for the company
  2. Company operations are streamlined
  3. Company reputation is enhanced amongst clients
  4. Staff feel good about this activity


Join us and take action on your waste management. Become accredited and recognised for this business development approach.