Youth Business Skills

Youth Business Skills

Qupcakes is a small business program for high school students. Students work together to operate a local enterprise selling decorated cupcakes and other baked goods at local venues.


The program provides students with the opportunity to:

  • Create and manage their own business
  • Develop skills in marketing, advertising, sales, financials, media, stock control and workplace health and safety
  • Develop employment related skills including teamwork, problem solving, negotiation and communication skills, self-confidence and motivation
  • Learn how to bake and decorate cupcakes and other baked goods


Students meet for two hours each week during term time to operate their business throughout the school year. The sessions are a combination of business skill development workshops and baking and decorating cupcakes for sale. Guest speakers will be invited to deliver business sessions and practical workshops in baking and decorating.

Business planningA business plan is developed to direct how the business will operate throughout the year.
Position allocationPositions will be allocated to each student to provide ownership over a section of the business.
Sales and marketingA sales and marketing strategy will be created to determine how the Qupcakes products are promoted and where they are sold.
FinanceStudents will learn how to determine the cost of making their products and how to set a selling price.
Product developmentPractical sessions will be held to design the product range and to perfect the recipes and designs.
Baking and decoratingCupcakes and other baked goods will be cooked and decorated to sell to local venues and at events.
Decorating workshopsWorkshops will be held to upskill students in decorating cupcakes to make attractive designs.
InventoryStudents will assist with managing stock to ensure sufficient ingredients are available for baking and decorating sessions.
Food safetyFood safety activities will be completed to ensure the Qupcakes business uses proper food handling techniques and provides safe food to customers.
Risk managementRisk management activities will be completed to ensure the safety of participants in the kitchen.
Donation of profitsStudents will choose a charity to donate a proportion of the profits to at the end of the school year.
Presentation evening Students will work on a presentation for the end of year event to showcase their work.
Student choiceStudents can request topics based on interests and learning needs.

At the conclusion of the school year, a proportion of profits made will be donated to a charity chosen by the students. The remainder of profits will be used to start up the business again the following year.


A presentation evening will be held at the end of the year to celebrate the student’s achievements. Students will receive certificates and will have the opportunity to showcase their work to parents and key stakeholders from the school and community.


2020 details:

Venue: Karabar High School
Starting date: Commenced Early March
Day and time: Tuesday Afternoons at 4pm
Eligible participants: Students from Karabar High School


How to get involved:

For more information contact Annabel Schweiger, the program facilitator on 6297 3121 or

Check out the official Qupcakes Website at;

Download the Qupcakes Brochure HERE